New shots and webpage
Bobbee Tec, llc. today is proud to announce it's new webpage and more screenshots from ...    [Read more]

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Unseen graphics and cool levels for your mobile phone: MEAT! comes pre-packed with 2 huge levels...  [Read more]

Welcome to Bobbee Tec, llc!

Unleash the mobile gaming powerhouse in your cellphone!

Our first title, "MEAT!" uses the advanced DRG3D game engine to bring ultra-fast 3D graphics, awesome sounds and fast-action multiplayer gaming so far beyond what you've ever dreamed possible on a cellphone!

We're about to begin final testing for our launch, but in the meantime have a look around and get a "sneak peek" at MEAT!

Beta testing time!

Want to be among the first to experience a whole new generation of mobile games... for free?

We're still accepting beta testers for our upcoming games and add-ons, so if you're interested be sure to check out the full details in our news.


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