New shots and webpage
Bobbee Tec, llc. today is proud to announce it's new webpage and more screenshots from ...    [Read more]

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 New shots and webpage

Posted on 12.09.2004  

Bobbee Tec, llc. is pleased to finally present what we've been working on for so long now: "MEAT!"

A whole new website, new screenshots and tons of other changes are finally made public as we get ready for our first official release!

There's still a few last-minute details to take care of, and some final testing to be done, but it's almost "show time" and we're excited to be so close to shipping!

The first phones supported are Nokia's 3650, 7650 and NGage and we'll be adding more to that list as fast as we can.

We're still accepting beta testers who fit certain criteria:
  1. You need to have one of the phones supported
  2. You like fast-action first-person 3D shooters
  3. You're willing to play (and test) games for free
  4. You can describe any problems you find with enough details to help us fix them
  5. You must be of legal age in your local area (usually 18 or older).
Preference is given to testers in (or around) the Los Angeles, CA area, as well as testers who have friends that can help out with multiplayer testing.

Also, we're looking for people who can translate English into other languages for our in-game messages and text.

If selected, you'll get a free copy of the software for helping us out, as well as the appreciation of everyone who speaks whichever language you translate!

Beta testers and translators should register an account here with their contact information, and then send us an EMail at .


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